Jordan Electric Motors is a small, homegrown company that supplies custom motors locally, as well as to large corporations and large industries around the globe.

Thanks to the trust of our loyal clients, we grew into the go-to company for made-to-order motors tailored to your unique needs.

Our specializations

Customers turn to us for their orders after repeatedly being told no by other manufacturers, simply for lack of knowledge or ability to meet their requirements. Credit to our talented team of machinists and engineers who always manage to surprise even us with their excellent work JEM specializes in the following:

Fractional HP electric motors

While fractional electric motors are rated less than one HP, we can design an engine for your specific needs, up to 4-5 hp.

Double Insulated Motors

We distribute all types of new AC, DC, linear, stepper, and servomotors, among others. Our motors come in different RPM levels, which we can calibrate according to your requirements. Since they are double-insulated, you are safe against electrical shock and other internal defects.

Vibration Motors

Vibration motors are split into two types–coin and cylindrical (Eccentric Rotating Mass). We fabricate products for feeders and conveyors, as well as large machines for power generators and industrial or cement plants.

Universal Motors

These machines are designed to operate on AC or DC. At its heart is a powerful electromagnet to produce a magnetic field. We work with you to ensure that our product is powerful enough to drive the device that it powers.

Open Frame Motors

The caseless motor is integrated inside a machine with a durable casing to protect it from dirt or water. The frameless anatomy saves you money because it’s significantly cheaper due to its basic design.

High-Frequency Motors

Our products are characterized by their power and surgical precision. They are perfect for tasks that require high efficiency and detail. You can use them to retrofit branded or off-brand machines, but we can design a unique motor for your specific needs.

Permanent Magnet Motors

As its name suggests, the motor utilizes magnets we embed on the rotor’s surface. Unlike induction motors, magnet motors yield enough force to create a consistent motor flux. As a result, they produce more torque than the standard synchronous motor.

Armature and Field Sets

Our DC motors utilize armature control or field control. The main difference between them is that armature is part of a closed loop while field control features an open loop. Armature ensures consistent torque and field but is less energy efficient. Field control tends to have minimal cost and with less energy requirement.

Stators and Rotor Sets

While stators and rotors are motor parts, our talented fabricators can design separate sets based on your technical specifications. Simply email us your requirements and timeline so that our engineers can work on your order immediately.

Why Buy Our Motors ?

We have clients that remained loyal to us for over 40 years, which speaks volumes about the work that we do.

Our products:

  • are renowned for their superior quality since we only use premium materials. We don’t cut corners in manufacturing to ensure the motors meet client specifications;
  • have durable seals to prevent leakage, corrosion, and spillage for maximum safety and efficiency;
  • feature a range of insulation that meets the temperature-load standards of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. We can design motors rated from A to H;
  • have robust construction ensuring that the motors won’t break down easily despite your exacting demands;
  • have maximum power-to-weight ratio. We are constantly researching innovations to make our motors more efficient;
  • are reliable. We design our products to last, so we have no problem attaching our reputation to every motor that rolls out of our factory; and
  • are tailor-made. We don’t simply purchase OEM products and modify them to your needs. We fabricate from the ground up to surpass your expectations.

Lastly, JEM is eco-friendly.

As much as possible, we do our part to reduce greenhouse emissions in fabricating our motors.

It is part of our promise to the community to set a positive example, not just in words but also in action.

100% Made in the USA

We are proud to say that our custom motors are all designed and manufactured here in our plant. We don’t outsource any parts or fabrication halfway around the world just to save money.

Instead of cutting corners, we do the opposite. We invest money to buy cutting-edge technology and hire the best people in the business.

As a result, we can confidently affix our brand to every motor we deliver to any client.

Finally, our fabrication knowledge and extensive experience make us the perfect partner for other manufacturers facing a shortage in supply. As a result, we can augment your inventory, allowing you to meet your orders without a hitch.

Reach Out to Us Now

No matter your motor problem, we have the solution for it. Call us today at (919) 708-7010 or email us at sales@djeminc.com for a free quote or consultation.
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