Our company offers premium quality products at competitive prices. In addition, we leverage the talent of our engineers and ultramodern tools to produce custom motors for small or large-scale productions.

We also provide value-added services and custom solutions to suit the needs of our clients.


Our value proposition is to always give what our clients want, from unique motors and modified OEM products to one-off products you can’t find elsewhere.

You can turn to us for a creative solution after you have received rejection after rejection from manufacturers who could not meet your demand.

Who Are Our Clients?

We don’t discriminate between small-scale and large-scale clients. We have cultivated successful partnerships with purchasing managers, design engineers, manufacturing managers, plant supervisors, and startups in the OEM market.

Of course, we also worked directly with clients who purchased electric motors from us for their engines, devices, manufacturing, and industrial plants.

Carving Our Niche in an Ultra-Competitive Industry

Despite the global disruption from the pandemic, the global electric motors industry is on a rebound. The market is projected to hit $182 billion by 2028 with a CAGR or compound annual growth rate of 7%.

We have always been very clear about our objectives:

  • To inform and attract purchasing managers and buyers from OEM markets to request quotes on existing projects.
  • Encourage startups and plant managers to submit blueprints so we can build a prototype.
  • Submit purchase orders for upcoming/new projects for design and production.
  • To engage startups/inventors needing motors to submit projects for design and production.
  • Foster long-term relationships with our customers rather than treat them as a one-time transaction.

Genuinely American-Made

We offer complete design and manufacturing for large and small production runs of custom motors.

JEM is proud that we build motors here at our local shop. All products that roll out of our factory is 100% American-made.

We manage to keep our costs competitive by researching innovations and investing early in modern equipment.

Lastly, we make sure to hire only the best.

This way, we cut down on manufacturing wastage and return inventory because our engineers assemble the motors with surgical precision.

Their experience and expertise also enable us to consistently deliver quality motors on time, which boosts customer retention. 

As a result, we have customers who have been with us for over 40 years.

Nurturing Partnerships

Contact our marketing team for support if you are a manufacturer or supplier swamped with rushed orders or seasonal demands.

We have built successful partnerships with other companies who turn to us for reinforcement.

Increasing prices and supply chain issues have plagued the industry in recent years. But we found that keeping close partnerships with vendors is key to reversing this current trend. 

Since we don’t exist in a vacuum, we have as much responsibility to ensure that the industry thrives. Or else we all die along with it.

We are fortunate enough to have a vast catalog of vendors with long-term relationships.

As a result, all of us have managed to reduce the supply chain problems and fluctuating prices that used to hound the industry.

Motors Custom-Built Locally

Most manufacturers offer off-the-shelf motors that can be modified for a project. But we offer a complete custom motor for a customer’s specific needs. 

You can trust us with the following:

  • Industry research;
  • Assessment of customer requirements;
  • In-house design engineering;
  • Quick turnaround prototyping;
  • In-house tool-making; and
  • Complete manufacturing to meet the demands of small and large production runs.

We can start from scratch—drawing the blueprint based on your technical requirements, building a prototype, and finally, individual or mass production.

Our talented team specializes in projects deemed to be impossible by other manufacturers.

Being a Part of the Customer Journey

JEM is a specialist in producing high-caliber electric motors for the following requirements:

  • OEM parts – We have partnered with OEM distributors to address various customers’ needs.
  • Replacement parts – We can supply you with a replacement motor if it’s already too expensive to repair your current one.   
  • Rebuilds — We can custom-build you a more powerful motor to meet the increase in production demands, for instance. We can also add double insulation for your existing engine for better safety and durability.   
  • Reverse engineering — When you cannot find a motor for your machine, we can assemble a new one by dismantling the device to see how it works.

We will also build motors to power any prototype for an entirely new design that’s not yet on the market.

So, we sincerely hope that you make us a part of your journey to success.

Make that Call Now

We anticipate starting a partnership with you and hopefully growing together. So, dial (919) 708-7010 or email sales@djeminc.com your requirements or inquiries.

You can speak directly to our sales manager or one of the owners. We love to give our personal touch to each transaction.

If you call now, we will provide you with an obligation-free quotation or consultation, so you know the next step forward.

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