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We are a small company that provides electric motor products to startups, OEM manufacturers, and some of the largest corporations in the world.

Don Jordan started JEM on a dream when he saw a niche in the market for custom electric motors. But he, himself, never did envision that it will grow to what it is now.

Today, we have established a positive reputation as a go-to service provider in fabricating specialized motors that other manufacturers could not produce.

Honestly, we prefer direct communication. Our customers and potential customers have always been able to count on calling us and immediately speaking with the owner or manager. We feel that candid conversations give immediate solutions, cut out miscommunications, and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

We completely understand that everyone’s time is critical. But in today’s environment in our industry, it has become customary to send companies a Purchase Order or Request For Quote and wait days/weeks to get an answer or even an acknowledgment of receipt. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury of time, and our customers don’t have that time either. Therefore, we promise to provide an immediate response either by phone or email.

Our owner, Don, has a personal LinkedIn account. We have generated many leads in the past from people in the industry who contacted him directly since they are aware of his reputation. But you may also email us at or call our hotline at (919) 708-7010. Also, our website has a chat option for us to address your concerns. We always strive to find other ways to make it convenient for you to reach us anytime.
We have been supplying other manufacturers who find themselves swamped with orders. So, we are always open to more partnerships as long as the business is consistent with our core principles and values.

We try to upload our inventory or case studies and previous deliveries. However, all our best works are done for clients with specific requirements unavailable on the shelves. If you think your need is impossible, share details of your upcoming project with us, and we will find a solution together. 

No, we do not require a minimum order for an electric motor if you wish to do business with us. Our company does not discriminate between one order and multiple purchases. While our loyal customers have a place in our hearts, we always try to approach each job as if it were our last.

While we thrive in assembling custom-made products, we do have extensive experience with all types of branded and off-brand electric motors. We can also modify your motors to meet your rising demands.

Our company imprints our brand on every motor that rolls out of our factory. So, we take it seriously when we fail to meet our client’s expectations. Just call our hotline, and we will send someone right to you to fix any defect. Alternatively, you can talk to one of our experts, who will walk you through a solution.

Inventory & Pricing

Our website lists our current stock. However, our business model is geared toward custom motors so pricing may differ depending on the specifications and production volume.

Tracking orders

You can track your order from our partner courier’s website.


We accept major credit cards, manager’s checks, PayPal, and cash. But we are always happy to listen if you have some alternative mode of payment. Simply talk to us and relay your concerns.

Customer Feedback

We always appreciate your feedback because constructive criticism is essential to improving our services and products further.

So, don’t be afraid to tell us your honest opinion regarding your experience with us.

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